• Name Kristina
  • Age 52
  • Hair Blonde
  • Bust 36 DD
  • Height 5'1
  • Dress Size Curvy Size 14 - 16
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All natural ( not shaved).
English Milf. Blonde busty.
I like to be in charge lol x

Availability for Kristina

First class Gabrielle thanks x

Sept 2021

Gabrielle has blown me away. She is so pretty and keen to please. I have loved every moment. Thanks very much.

Sept 2021

Gabrielle was lovely. Really nice to spend time with her. She is a credit to your agency. Tony

Aug 2021

Well that was fun! Firstly, lovely polite girl, very easy to get a long with. Very pretty, smoking hot body. Very responsive and eager to please. Good head on her shoulders. Think you might have a little star there! John X

July 2021